The Inspiration of William Blake

The works of the English poet and painter William Blake (1757-1827) have been a consistent inspiration that resulted in an in-depth study of Blake’s London, focusing on the relationship between the artist and place. This study included researching historical maps of London and retracing Blake’s steps through the city. The conjunction of Blake’s words and images with Richard Horwood’s 1799 map of London were combined in the making of two Metaphysical Maps. Map number one, Willan’s Farm, shows a section of countryside known to Blake is his childhood that was later subsumed by Regent’s Park. Map number two London shows the heart of the City that is also central to Blake’s poetry. The map is bisected by the river Thames, showing Albion Mills on the south side of the River and St. Paul’s Cathedral on the north side.

My conceptual plan for a ‘Garden of the Four Zoas ’ inspired by Blake’s mythopoetic works was published in the Blake Society journal Vala in 2022 (See: Vala #3). A second article featuring drawings made especially for Vala was published in November 2023 (See: Vala #4). These articles can be found at

My contributions to the Blake Society Journal ‘ Vala’ issues number 3 and 4 , can be found here